Where to Stay in Santorini – Top cities and hotels

The spectacular Santorini shines like a glamorous gem in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Completing the set of Cyclades islands, Santorini itself is located on the site of a submerged volcano and is home to the breathtaking cobblestone and gives the island its distinctive shape. Living on the island itself is pure luxury; secluded villas with infinity pools, Cliffside private suites and honeymoon shelters create the ultimate vibe imbued with divine decadence.

The island has a distinct culture and depth of history, and local settlements make up villages, each of which differs in architecture and development and has its own unique charm. Santorini's romance shines with the sublime nature of her sunsets; as the sun sets illuminates the ocean and illuminates the caldera, a spectacle that attracts thousands of visitors every day.

Santorini is a luxury destination: some of the places to stay in Santorini are fantastically sumptuous and are fortunate to glitter at elegant visitors around the world. Regardless of budget, a traveler who comes to the shores of Santorini will enjoy the evening watching them with awe as the sky changes color and the opium splendor of a Greek holiday haven. The days on the island are filled with delicious meals and a chance to lean on your own private terrace among the puzzles of the most famous buildings of the Greek white block, while the sun sets you off and indulge in the joys of life on Santorini.

Spend a mild evening buzzing with Fira, the island's largest city and the lively heart of Santorini. With its abundance of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, Fira is the place to stay in Santorini if ​​you want to party until the early hours, then spend days exploring the island and browsing the city's many shops in the shade of a beautiful volcano in the distance.

Fira is the perfect place to ground yourself to explore all that Santorini has to offer. All bus routes passing through the island start and end in the city which means you can travel all over the island. If you don't want to catch a bus, it's easy to rent a scooter or even your own car and travel at your own pace. Fira hotels are more expensive than neighboring villages, but there are plenty of lodging options to choose from.

Near Fira, the quiet and peaceful Imeromegli is a dream destination for a honeymoon. The village is one of the most expensive places to stay on the island, but with stunning views of the caldera lagoon and romantic luxury shelters of love nests, it offers the perfect piece of secluded Santorini.

The charming town does not have a beach, but it does have great 4 and 5 star hotels to choose from, many of which offer beautifully designed private apartments, some of which are built into a cliff and overlook the volcano. It is easy to travel from Imerovigli to nearby cities; many hotels offer a free shuttle bus, although local buses also connect to busy Fira.

Kamari is significantly cheaper than the village overlooking Caldera, but what lacks famous views is offset by its beautiful beach. If you are visiting Santorini with your children, then staying in Kamari is a great choice of location. The family village has an expanse of sandy beach full of small local bars and restaurants, supermarkets and shops, meaning days spent playing on the shore and dinners enjoying delicious meals with family.

This is the place to stay on Santorini if ​​your budget is low, and the hotel rooms with the best rates are usually outside the peak of the summer season. Since most accommodations are close to the beach, there is no need to take a bus or taxi to get to the water like in other cities on the island.