Wine and Dining in Calcutta

Talk about great food and Calcutta tops the list! There are many options to choose from among the gastronomic delights offered by this enchanting city. From local PuriSabzi to Parsi signature dishes of Patrani Macchi – the place offers a meal that will suit every palate.

There are many restaurants in Calcutta where you can enjoy authentic and delicious Indian cuisine in a charming setting. For those of you who want to taste the true essence of Calcutta, make sure to sample the Mughlai food that brings together the best of Bengali Navabs & # 39; cuisine with influences from the Deccan, Avada and Northern India. Chinese and continental cuisines are also extremely popular in these restaurants.

Anyone with a sweet tooth moves toward the sky in Calcutta. No need to introduce Bengali sweets: Mishtidoi (yogurt with caramelized sugar) is a must-try, as are Bengali staples like Lediceni (which is said to be named after Ladi Canning, who is believed to be a big fan of this sweet). sandesh (house cheese with jaggeri) and the ever-present rosogolla (sponge balls of curd dipped in sugar syrup).

Most 5 star hotels provide an unforgettable dining experience at a comfortable price served in a princely setting. Wonderful settings, sumptuous buffets, international delicacies and enchanting views through the window are all part of your feast on these magnificent evenings. For a sumptuous breakfast, you can also try fresh baked breads and tasty treats at these luxury Calcutta restaurants that love you for a fee.

Kolkata is also home to some of the best bars in India. While Park Street has its share of bars and pubs, the best cafes in Calcutta can be found in hotels, especially those near airports that provide services to jet setters. Extremely modern and sleek interiors, combined with stunning city views, these cafes are the epicenter of Kolketa's nightlife. Guests can choose from a wide selection of delicious cocktails and classic wines, while enjoying a relaxed evening with contemporary music played by resident DJs.

Some hotels in Calcutta are also known for culturally recognizable English pubs. These bars exude authentic English charm with traditional d├ęcor, lighting, music and taste that can transport you directly to upstairs London.

From juicy preparations to fine wines and everything else between you, a gastronomic adventure awaits you in Calcutta. So, get ready for a lifetime of experience when you plan to visit this beautiful city.