Hotels in London – Marilebone

Some cheap London hotels in and around Marilebone include the Marilebone Hotel, which has rooms at £ 99 per night. The Marilebone Hotel boasts impeccable service and understated luxury. The Vigmore Court Hotel is a stylish bed and breakfast where guests can enjoy their own beds, wireless internet and close proximity to London's public transport and tourist attractions.

However, with 92-acre Marilebone featuring so many designer furniture stores, clothing boutiques and organic cafes, it's not exactly what you call "cheap London." Nearby hotels that offer affordable luxury include Cumberland, where you'll sleep on Egyptian cotton socks in a bedroom individually crafted with your own artwork. Cumberland also boasts six restaurants and bars, including Michelin-starred Rhodes V1 restaurant and funky Carbon bar with its industry-stylish fittings and live DJs. There is also Sherlock Holmes Park Plaza, which combines old-fashioned charm with contemporary style to provide a delicious vacation experience.

Shopping is a real joy in Marilebone, thanks to independent boutiques and specialty stores such as Button Kueen and VV Rouleauk. When you need a break, the food here is top notch – the area is spread over the seams of pastry shops, cheese shops, butchers, chocolates, cafes and restaurants.

Notable attractions in the area include Madame Tussauds and Vigmore Hall, which regularly host classical music performances. Or you can wander the Regent Park for a wonderful experience that is also very cheap! London Hotels & # 39; Receptions are a good place to look for tickets, guides and travel brochures.

London's noisy West End with its theaters, shops, restaurants and night spots is an easy walk or a quick bus ride from Marilebone. And once you are in Soho, you would go crazy not to check out the shops along Okford Street and Regent Street. Cheap London hotels that will give you good access to both areas include the Marble Arch Inn, which has rooms at just £ 35 per night.