Durham Hotels: Interesting city

Hotels in Durham and Durham in brief

Durham is located in north-west England; it’s a beautiful and sometimes weird city. All of Durham is a designated protected area; there are so many buildings expanding here that a stroll through the city is a real treat for lovers of architecture and history. Durham hotels are a great way to get to know this friendly and enchanting place. Durham is known for its university and also the stunning Norman Cathedral. Many other interesting buildings are dotted around the city, some of which are described in more detail below. A stay at Durham hotels will put every visitor in a great position to learn more about this wonderful city.

Durham hotels and notable buildings

  • Hoster School: This ancient school first opened its doors in 1416 to provide a school for boys who worked as choristers for Durham Cathedral. Today, it's a singer school and former students include Rovan Atkinson and Toni Blair.
  • Elvet Bridge: This very attractive medieval stone bridge was built to stretch the Vear River and connect the peninsula in main Durham to the Elvet area. The bridge has ten arches, and some think four more are hidden beneath the streets on one side or the other. The bridge is very beautiful and some buildings are embedded in his body which is the reason he was given the status of a list 1. Staying at Durham hotels will allow visitors to discover some of the beauty of it for themselves.
  • Kepier Hospital: Kepier Hospital in Gilesgate, Durham was established as the Almshouse for the care of the poor in 1112. It was dedicated to the patron saint of the beggars and to the dead Giles. The original hospital chapel is now St. Giles Church, and earlier there were several braid and stem buildings that formed the alma house. They are long gone, but the original summer home once part of the hospital still survives in ruins.

Shopping in Durham

Staying at Durham hotels will put every visitor at the center of a great shopping experience. Durham is packed with phenomenal high street shops as well as many independent boutiques and shops. The Indoor Market is a charming and old-world place to visit and Durham Dales has a large range of craft and ceramic shops. Durham hotels make a great base for serious retail therapy whatever your style. Durham is the jewel in the crown of the Northeast and this amazing city has a lot to offer in the way of great fun and culture. In addition to some phenomenal shops, there are also many wonderful cafes and restaurants with a wide variety of menus. Traveling to and around Durham is easy, and public transportation is great, making this city easy to get to and get around. Don't delay, but visit Durham as soon as possible … you'll wonder why you left it so long!