The Lekington Hotel reveals the secrets of Al Capone

The Lekington Hotel, located at the corner of 22nd Avenue St. Michigan and Avenue on the south side of Chicago, was the seat and nerve center of the Al Capone Empire for swimming and racket. Behind the innocent-looking cabinets and hotel uniforms was a secret door to a staircase leading into dozens of rooms, like […]

Where to Stay in Santorini – Top cities and hotels

The spectacular Santorini shines like a glamorous gem in the blue waters of the Aegean Sea. Completing the set of Cyclades islands, Santorini itself is located on the site of a submerged volcano and is home to the breathtaking cobblestone and gives the island its distinctive shape. Living on the island itself is pure luxury; […]

He wanted a hotel, didn't he?

I recently traveled to another country. And no, not one who doesn't speak English, and not one I've never been to before, that's a completely different topic for a whole other article. I traveled to England and stayed there for the first time, staying at a hotel, not with relatives or friends. This hotel was […]

Children and hotels

Some hotels are family run. That is, they have a swimming pool, maybe an arcade, a playground, things that children can enjoy. Others may not be as child-friendly, but all hotels have other guests who expect your children to behave during their stay. If you have a kid involved in travel sports like hockey, basketball […]